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Is there a TTCTwins facebook page?

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Is there a TTCTwins facebook page?

Postby Csg82 » Thu Apr 28, 2016 5:38 pm

I read in a post that there is a facebook page for this forum. Is it a closed group? I can´t seem to find it.

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Re: Is there a TTCTwins facebook page?

Postby aerish » Sun May 01, 2016 8:59 pm

There's a facebook group called TTCTwins, but it's not affiliated with this forum I don't think..
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Re: Is there a TTCTwins facebook page?

Postby OnAMission » Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:44 am

I was kicked from the TTCTwins facebook group for posting studies that showed the admins had NO IDEA what they were talking about. Many girls have left because the creater is very rude and the admins gang up on users they dont like. Stay away.
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Re: Is there a TTCTwins facebook page?

Postby 1901 » Sun Dec 18, 2016 10:38 pm

NOoooo. Stay away from the facebook groups. We have a facebook PAGE but no group for the sole sake of keeping privacy. I was on one on facebook but it was run by the woman who owned "double stork" cassava (which is a big fat scam and she doesn't know jack about cassava). She kicked me out for countering something she said with EVIDENCE
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