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AVOID FastEscrowRefills (Formerly EscrowRefills)

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AVOID FastEscrowRefills (Formerly EscrowRefills)

Postby 1901 » Wed Jun 10, 2015 4:04 pm


DO NOT place orders from Escrow Refills or Fast Escrow Refills. There are some issues with their websites being repeatedly changed and affiliate credits being promised and not paid.

I have used EscrowRefills for years and have had a great experience (high availability, quick shipping (10-12 days from order date to delivery date) and good prices. They have recently changed over their site to FastEscrowRefills. It is the same company, just a different site. They are still working on transferring all of their products over. If there's a product you need, ask them on the live help chat box. I did and they were able to get it back on the site within a day. You can support TTCTwins and keeping this site online by using this link;


AND you get 10% off when using it!

And if FastEscrowRefills doesn't have what you're looking for, ReliableRx might! ... bfa33828d3
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