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Black cohosh

Anything relating to dietary supplements (supplements that do not consist of herbals, but rather specific vitamins, mineral and nutrients) should be posted here.

Black cohosh

Postby OnAMission » Sun Feb 08, 2015 12:14 am

What information do you have regarding black cohosh?
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CD1-7: 20mg Tamoxifen, 100mg Clomid
CD8-10: 20mg Tamoxifen, 100mg Clomid, 50iu Bravelle
CD11: 10,000iu Trigger
CD13-First US: Progesterone Gel Vaginally

Month Before TTCT: Prenatals, Folate, Potasium, Calsium
Food: Bananas and Almonds often.
60-90 minutes before BD: Baking Soda/Water 2ml-5ml vaginally
60 minutes before BD: Musinex

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