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Help starting protocol.

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Help starting protocol.

Postby lovebugmommy » Sat Apr 11, 2015 2:16 am

Hey ladies so I've been studying your boards and I feel like I'm sorta getting the hang of things. I am deff ttct hoping for both boys but will be pleased with b/g. My youngest right now is 7 months old and I just had my first visit from af last month so while I'm starting to track I want to figure out a good protocol and start stocking up. I'm hoping to conceive in winter. I've already heard of the cavassa root and I am still EBF baby so I know that is supposed to help as well. Give me the laundry list of vitamins and herbs please!!!!! This may be the last time my dh is excited about trying. We already have 3 my first (ds) isn't biologically his but he has raised him since 1yr old. We have two angel babies and my rainbow baby just turned two in jan (she's the crazy one) and my youngest. But back to business. I would like to stay as natural as possible however I think we will do clomid and a trigger shot when it is bm time my daughter won't need my milk and I can always give her pumped milk. Until meds are out of my system.

28 unexplained fertility,
DH 29, DS 7, DD Rainbow3, DD 2
TTCT Protocol
2400 mcg folic acid plus daily
Prenatal daily
Cassava 6x daily
Clomid 100mg Cd2-6
Royal jelly daily
Bee pollen daily
1000mg fish oil daily
198mg potassium CD1-O
Zinc after O
B12 after O
Progesterone 100mg O-hopefully BFP
& More
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