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Postby 4kidsandcounting » Tue Jan 20, 2015 2:03 pm

I've been looking at HMG does anyone know the success rate planning on 3 lots of 75iu combined with clomid so a minimal amount but hopefully enough for a boost
Me 24 Him 31
2 boys 5,7 + 2 girls 4,2
No Fertility issues

Actively TTCT
3 months previous
cassava sup (daily)
4800 folic acid (daily)
vit (E) and Multi (daily)
coenzyme Q 10 (daily)
iron (daily)
Bromelain 1500mg CD1- 5 Dpo
Royal Jelly 500mg CD1-BFP FX

Clomid 100mg night time days cd3-cd7

5000 Trigger on + ov test :) then BD all the way ;) (triggered 21.2.15)

hubs 3 months prior
Korean ginseng
everyday multi
glucosamine sulphate and vit C
Horney goat weed

PS no sway :)
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